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I've been working in horticulture and landscape design for 15+ years. I loved reviewing your garden and crafting a blueprint for you. If you have any questions, click the icon in the bottom right corner for help.

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Stacey, here's my garden assessment

Expert Review

Seasonally wet soil

It appears that your garden has slowly permeable, acidic, loamy, and clayey soil, which can become seasonally wet due to impeded drainage and tends to have lower fertility. Not to worry, though. We'll select plants that are hardy and thrive in these conditions to ensure your garden remains vibrant and healthy. Additionally, we’ll include a specific fertiliser to boost your plants' growth and maximise their potential.

Peak sunshine

Your garden, with its south-facing orientation, enjoys the maximum sunlight hours each day—perfect for those who love spending time outdoors. This abundance of sun not only makes your garden ideal for entertaining and hosting BBQs but also minimizes issues with dampness or moss. Given these conditions, we will carefully select sun-loving plants that are best suited to thrive in your garden, ensuring robust growth and vibrant blooms.

Your garden is a good size

Without being too hard to manage. An ideal canvas for a low maintenance garden that adds visual interest.

Square gardens are versatile

Square gardens are versatile; you can choose straight-line borders for a sleek, modern look or curved borders to soften the space and enhance its charm.

  • A multi-use space

    Your vision is to transform your blank canvas into a serene spot for relaxation, family fun, and entertaining friends. You'd also love to attract wildlife, adding a natural touch to your beautiful outdoor retreat. We're excited to help bring this vision to life, ensuring your garden becomes a cherished space for everyone

  • Colour palette

    You're looking to transform your blank canvas with a vibrant mix of red, orange, and pink, creating a visually stunning garden that bursts with colour and interest. This lively palette will invigorate your outdoor space, making it a joyful extension of your home.

  • Safe for children and pets

    You want a garden where safety comes first, a place where your children and pets can play without any worries. We've chosen non-toxic plants and safe design features to ensure peace of mind for you.

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Tips and design principles

How to create your traditional garden

Creating a traditional garden in your medium square space is all about blending classic design with practical functionality.

By introducing elegant decorative borders, you can effortlessly segment the garden into cosy zones tailored just for you—perfect for relaxation, entertaining, or enjoying precious family moments.

Make the most of your garden’s square layout by thoughtfully positioning these areas to maximise space and enhance light distribution. Let’s make your garden a stunning yet functional retreat where every corner is a delight.

Stacey, I recommend:

Designing your traditional square garden

Diagonal paths: Implementing diagonal pathways can make the garden appear larger and more dynamic. This approach guides the eye across the garden diagonally, making the most of the available space and adding an element of surprise to the garden layout.

Zoning: Divide the space into distinct functional zones such as a seating area, a play area for children, and planting beds. This helps to break up the square symmetry in a practical way, making the garden more versatile and catered to different uses.

Stacey, I recommend:

Layering plants for depth and maximise space

Layered planting: Use a mix of plant heights and types to create depth and texture. Tall trees or shrubs at the corners can help soften the boundaries and lower plants towards the centre can keep the space open and airy.

Colour and texture: Use colour and texture to add interest and movement to the garden. Bright flowering plants can draw attention. Lighter colours at the garden's end make the space feel larger, while darker near the front add depth.

Stacey, I recommend:

Try incorporating curves and frame borders to add structure

Incorporate curves: Adding curved planting beds or a rounded patio area can contrast effectively with the angular boundaries of a square garden, introducing a fluid and organic feel to the space.

Border frames: Establishing well-defined borders using hedges, low fences, or perennial beds can provide structure while still allowing for creative planting choices. Borders help to define the garden’s layout clearly and can make maintenance easier.

  • Try adding functional and decorative elements

    Tip: Enhance your traditional style garden with functional decor such as rustic benches, antique-looking plant stands, or Victorian-style trellises. These pieces provide utility while beautifying the space, marrying practicality with the old-world charm characteristic of traditional gardens, and reflecting your unique aesthetic preferences.

  • You can use lighting creatively

    Tip: Enhance the ambience of your garden at night with tasteful lighting solutions. Install lantern-style lights to illuminate pathways or use soft spotlights to highlight traditional sculptures and planting features. Proper lighting not only accentuates the beauty of traditional designs but adds functionality and a warm glow to evening gatherings.

  • Consider wildlife-friendly features

    Tip: Consider adding features that attract wildlife, such as bird baths, insect hotels, and classic bird feeders. Choose designs that complement the traditional style of your garden. Encouraging wildlife not only enhances the garden's natural appeal but also helps in creating a lively and vibrant outdoor space.

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  • Skill Level


  • Plants

    x 14

  • Season

    All Year Round

  • Colours

    Red, orange and pink

  • Safe

    Whole Family

  • Guarantee

    5 Years

  • Value

    Worth £323*

  • Finest plants

    4.8 ★★★★★
  • ✔️ Gives all-year-round interest

    I’ve chosen plants in your design that bloom at different times of the year, including plants that bloom in autumn and winter.

  • ✔️ Functional and stylish

    I've chosen plants and a colour palette that achieves a traditional style and usable garden you can be proud of.

  • ✔️ Made for family and pets

    Firstly, every plant I’ve chosen are non-toxic. Also, I’ve used strategic plant placement to make delicate plants less accessible to your pets, away from the front of your border.

  • ✔️ Designed to work with your garden shape

    You can choose between a staight or curved design to match the square shape of your garden.

  • ✔️ Roadmap to your ideal garden

    I've designed your plan so you can start with one border to gain confidence, and it will still have an impact.

  • ✔️ Plants chosen to thrive

    My favourite part of your bespoke design is making sure every plant is perfect for your garden; suited to your loamy soil, south-facing, and easy-care. No faff.

Now Unlock Your Dream Garden

Stacey, effortlessly bring your Garden Blueprint to life. Choose from three personalised ways to transform your garden:

  • 2 x

    Tall pink magenta flowers

  • 6 x

    Winter interest blooms

  • 2 x

    Fiery deep-red foliage

  • 2 x

    Evergreen interest

  • 2 x

    Standout pink perennials

  • 1 x

    Biodegradable Plant-by-Numbers

  • 1 x

    Simple Planting Guide

  • Included

    Easy Plant Care & Advice

  • 1 x bag

    Organic Fertiliser

  • ...

    and some surprises!

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