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I've been working in horticulture and landscape design for 15+ years. I loved reviewing your garden and crafting a blueprint for you. If you have any questions, click the icon in the bottom right corner for help.

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Amber, here's my garden assessment

Expert Review

Size isn't everything

Your garden is compact and manageable, providing an ideal canvas for creating a low-maintenance yet visually interesting space. It's the perfect size to design an intimate and charming garden that's easy to care for.

Seasonally wet soil

It appears that your garden has slowly permeable, acidic, loamy, and clayey soil, which can become seasonally wet due to impeded drainage. Your soil is likely to have good fertility. We'll select plants that are hardy and thrive in these conditions to ensure your garden remains vibrant and healthy.

East-facing garden

Your garden, with its east-facing orientation, catches the gentle morning sunlight—perfect for starting the day in a tranquil outdoor setting. This early sun exposure is ideal for enjoying breakfast outside and provides a fresh, bright start to your day. The morning sun also helps prevent issues with dampness, ensuring a drier environment that’s less prone to moss.

Plants for shady-afternoons

Given these conditions, we will carefully select plants that thrive in morning light and can handle partial afternoon shade, ensuring healthy growth and continuous blooms throughout the day.

  • A tranquil retreat

    You'd like to transform your current blank canvas into a tranquil garden oasis, styled in a charming traditional manner, where every element invites you to relax and unwind. Picture yourself enjoying peaceful afternoons surrounded by timeless beauty. This garden will be your personal retreat, designed to help you de-stress.

  • Child and pet-friendly sanctuary

    Understanding your need for a space that is safe for both children and pets, we plan to create a garden that's as secure as it is enchanting. By choosing non-toxic plants your garden will be a worry-free zone where little ones and furry friends can play freely so you can relax knowing that your garden is safe for the entire family.

  • Easy gardening

    Your garden will be designed with ease of maintenance in mind, perfect for a beginner gardener like yourself. We’ll introduce you to simple, robust planting schemes that require minimal upkeep but deliver maximum impact. The use of traditional, hardy plants means less time worrying about plant health and more time enjoying the blossoming view. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the guidance you need to ensure your garden thrives year after year.

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Tips and design principles

How to create your traditional garden

Transform your small triangular garden by blending classic design with functional use of space. Introduce graceful borders to segment the area into cosy zones optimised for relaxation, perfect for utilising the unique angles of your garden.

Take advantage of the east-facing orientation to catch the soothing morning sunlight, enhancing the beauty and ambience of each section.

This design ensures every part of your garden is welcoming and well-utilised, turning your outdoor area into a charming, practical extension of your home. Let’s make every corner of your garden a delightful retreat.

Amber, I recommend:

Maximise space using layout

Principle: Utilise the natural angles of the triangular shape to your advantage by designing the garden with radial or fan-like layouts, or disguise the garden boundaries, especially at the narrowest point by using sweeping curves and not following the lines of the boundaries, making the area appear larger and more open.

Why: This layout helps to soften the sharp angles of the triangular space, creating a more inviting and cohesive look that is characteristic of traditional gardens.

Amber, I recommend:

Focus on vertical gardening

Principle: Incorporate vertical elements such as trellises, climbing plants, and tall shrubs positioned against walls or fences. These features can draw the eye upward and add depth to the garden without requiring additional ground space.

Why: Vertical gardening not only enhances the visual interest and height but also adheres to traditional garden styles that often feature climbing roses, ivy, and other vine plants, making the most of limited ground area.

Amber, I recommend:

Create a focal point

Principle: Design around a central focal point, such as a birdbath, a small fountain, or a sculpture. This feature should be placed strategically, perhaps at the widest part of the triangle or directly in view from the main entrance to the garden.

Why: A focal point draws attention and gathers the garden’s design elements around a central theme, adding aesthetic appeal and traditional charm. It also serves to anchor the space and can make the garden appear more structured and balanced, especially in a confined area.

  • Try adding functional and decorative elements

    Tip: Enhance your traditional style garden with functional decor such as rustic benches, antique-looking plant stands, or Victorian-style trellises. These pieces provide utility while beautifying the space, marrying practicality with the old-world charm characteristic of traditional gardens, and reflecting your unique aesthetic preferences.

  • You can use lighting creatively

    Tip: Enhance the ambience of your garden at night with tasteful lighting solutions. Install lantern-style lights to illuminate pathways or use soft spotlights to highlight traditional sculptures and planting features. Proper lighting not only accentuates the beauty of traditional designs but adds functionality and a warm glow to evening gatherings.

  • Consider wildlife-friendly features

    Tip: Consider adding features that attract wildlife, such as bird baths, insect hotels, and classic bird feeders. Choose designs that complement the traditional style of your garden. Encouraging wildlife not only enhances the garden's natural appeal but also helps in creating a lively and vibrant outdoor space.

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  • Skill Level


  • Plants

    x 10

  • Season

    All Year Round

  • Colours

    White, Green & Pinks

  • Safe

    Whole Family

  • Guarantee

    5 Years

  • Value

    Worth £258*

  • Finest plants

    4.8 ★★★★★
  • ✔️ Works in shady conditions

    This selection is tailored to thrive in part sun conditions, ensuring that each plant will perform well in an east-facing garden.

  • ✔️ Fits into multi-functional plan

    Your first curved border creates an initial garden zone; with the soft curves adding to a cozy feel for relaxing.

  • ✔️ Made for family and pets

    Firstly, every plant I’ve chosen are non-toxic. Also, I’ve used some strategic plant placement to make delicate plants less accessible to your pets, away from the front of your border.

  • ✔️ Designed to work with your garden shape

    I've chosen tall plants that will work in your smaller garden, making it seem larger and full of character.

  • ✔️ Roadmap to your ideal garden

    I've designed your plan so you can start with one 10 plant border to gain confidence, and it will still have an impact, before adding more features.

  • ✔️ Plants chosen to thrive

    My favourite part of your bespoke design is making sure every plant is perfect for your garden, suited to your loamy soil, sun and shade, and easy-care. No faff.

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    Biodegradable Plant-by-Numbers

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    Simple Planting Guide

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  • 1 x bag

    Organic Fertiliser

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