Gardening for beginners: how to plant

Gardening for beginners: how to plant

Let's get straight to it... The simplest way to plant one of your new plants from Little Eden.

1. Pick a good area

Check your Little Eden plants care tips - we send them after you order. It'll let you know whether you should plant in a sunny or shady area. 

2. Dig a hole big enough for your plant

Little Eden plants come in pots. You can check you've made a big enough hole by placing the pot in the hole. It should fit comfortably, with around 2cm extra all the way round, while its depth should be the same as the pot - no bigger!

digging hole

3. Prepare your hole

Fork or loosen the sides of your hole so the soil is easier for your plants roots to take hold. Remove any stones or anything in the way.

If you've got some, add some manure or fertiliser - it really helps!

4. Gently take the plant out of it's pot

You might find some plants have very tight roots - all squashed together. If so, gently tease out the roots with your fingers and loosen the soil around each one – don’t worry that you’re harming the plant, as new roots will grow.

putting in hole

5. Place your plant in the hole

Make sure the roots are spread out and fill the hole with some soil or compost.

Gently firm the soil around the planting area.

planting in hole

6. Give it a good drink!

Water your plant thoroughly - it'll need it! Keep on eye on it for the next few weeks to make sure its got enough! Keep it moist but never waterlogged :)

That's it - you've planted your first beautiful Little Eden plant!

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