1: Where to plant

1: Where to plant

Where you have a big garden, a patio or a balcony, we all want the same feeling from our garden: calm. Studies has shown that spending time in the garden reduces stress, boosts moods and releases happy hormones that give us a sense of achievement. 

That’s why planning where to plant or how to arrange your container garden is so important. You can fork out hundred on landscape gardeners who are expert at creating garden sections, matching colour palettes, and picking plants for their perfumed qualities - but for a simple way for create your oasis, follow our top tips:

  1. To create a colourful garden all year long, start by selecting a spot and a colour scheme that suits your style. Arrange your plants in their pots before you dig them in to see how they look together. Choose some flowers that bloom in the summer for a vibrant display, but don’t forget to add some evergreens to fill the gaps when they fade. You can also swap some plants as the seasons change – for example, plant bulbs in spring or bedding plants in summer. Some plants that work well together are heather, pansies, sage, and ferns.
  2. If you want your garden to look neat and tidy, choose pots that match each other – terracotta pots are a classic option. But, if you like a more quirky and fun style, then feel free to experiment with different colours and textures that suit your personality.
  3. Add some blue accents to your garden. Blues stand out from the greenery and evoke images of water and sky. Agapanthus is a hardy and stunning plant that looks great in white pots - or you can pair a blue pot with a bright coloured plant for a Mediterranean vibe.
  4. Play with heights and textures. Grasses can add some variety and movement to your pots, as well as some height. You can also find grasses in different colours that match your colour scheme.
  5. Try a dark background. Black can be a stylish and cosy choice for garden walls, sheds, or fences. It also makes a stunning contrast for colourful flowers like pink lupins, purple Salvias, and hydrangeas. And, by keeping them in pots, you can change the look whenever you want.
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