3: How much sun do my plants need?

3: How much sun do my plants need?

All plants need sunlight to grow, but they differ in the amount they need and the temperature of your garden to be able to thrive.

Our plant care instructions in every box will tell you the amount of sun a plant requires, ranging from full sun (needs 6 hours of direct sun every day) to full shade (needs less than 3 hours of direct sun per day).

When choosing a plant, it’s important to work out how much sun your garden gets, and where the warm bits are.

Plants that like the light will enjoy sunny areas that warm up during the day (normally, South facing), but that might frazzle a plant who likes the shade.

You can work out which way your garden faces with a compass (there’s one on your phone normally) which will point towards North.

When choosing plants for shade, try and incorporate plants across a range of colours to brighten the area - too many dark greens can make a shady area look gloomy. Check our plant care instructions before planting.

Sun: Sedum, cornflower and herbs tend to love the sun and should do well in a hot location.

Shade: Ferns, foxgloves and lungwort love the shade, so are great for those darker bits of the garden.

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