9: Looking after my garden whilst I’m away

9: Looking after my garden whilst I’m away

The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re on holiday is your plants, and worrying about whether you’re going to come home to a plant mausoleum.

The key to keeping your plants happy whilst you’re away is to give them some tlc before you go so they’re watered, fed and happy.


Top up your fertiliser just before you go, prune dead leaves and give them all a good soaking.

During the winter, the rain and cold should mean your plants survive up to a week without your attention – it’s worth checking for very cold spells which might mean your plants are happier inside.

During the sunny months, plants can survive a couple of days without watering, but a very hot spell means your plants will need watering every day.

If you’re going away for a longer spell, it’s worth investing in an automatic watering system that will water your plants whilst you’re away – or ask a friend/neighbour to pop in every other day to top your plants up.

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