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I've been working in horticulture and landscape design for 15+ years. I loved reviewing your garden and crafting a blueprint for you. If you have any questions, click the icon in the bottom right corner for help.

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Jacquie, here's my garden assessment

Expert Review

✔️ North-facing garden

North-facing gardens typically don't receive much sunlight as they tend to be in the shade as the house is usually blocking the sun. However, over the summer (May to October) you will get a good amount of evening sun. Your garden orientation will mean that the right hand side may struggle with the shade, making grass harder to grow and making this area prone to getting waterlogged. I'll pick plants that do well in these conditions.

✔️ Square gardens are versatile

Square gardens are versatile; you can choose straight-line borders for a sleek, modern look or curved borders to soften the space and enhance its charm.

✔️ Good-sized garden

Your garden is a good size without being too hard to manage. An ideal canvas for a low maintenance garden that adds visual interest.

✔️ Low effort, big impact

As a budding gardener, I'll guide you by choosing low-maintenance plants, helping you achieve significant impact with minimal effort.

  • Low maintenance and beginner friendly

    You've envisioned a garden that simplifies your life, incorporating durable, low-maintenance plants that thrive with minimal fuss—ideal for your first foray into gardening.

  • A sleek, modern space to entertain and relax

    You want a garden where safety comes first, a place where your children and pets can play without any worries. We've chosen non-toxic plants and safe design features to ensure peace of mind for you and fun for them.

  • Safe for children and pets

    You've dreamed of a modern garden that doubles as a stylish retreat for entertaining and relaxation. We've designed your space with clean lines and contemporary elements, ensuring it's not only beautiful but also perfectly suited for your lifestyle needs.

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Tips and design principles

How to create your modern garden

Creating a modern garden style in a medium-sized square garden involves combining clean lines with minimalist design, resulting in a space that feels both sleek and sophisticated.

Here are the key garden design principles to follow to achieve that quintessential modern garden look, and a usable family space to relax and entertain:

Jacquie, I recommend:

Simplicity and minimalism

Tip: Focus on creating a clean and uncluttered space, using a limited palette of materials and colours.

Why: This principle emphasises the "less is more" approach, avoiding overly decorative elements to maintain a sleek and contemporary look.

Jacquie, I recommend:

Geometric layouts

Tip: Employ geometric shapes and straight lines in the design of paths, beds, and structures.

Why: Rectangular and square formats are typical, which help to organise the space efficiently and enhance the modern look.

Jacquie, I recommend:

Functional outdoor living areas

Tip: Design versatile, practical outdoor living spaces that extend the home's interior to the outdoors. Incorporate elements like seating, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits, designed with a focus on usability and style.

Why: These areas not only boost the functionality of your garden but also create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living, making the garden an integral part of your daily life and perfect for entertaining.

  • You could incorporate artistic elements

    Choose modern art sculptures or water features that reflect your personal taste. Why: These can serve as focal points and inject a touch of personality without compromising the modern design ethos.

  • Add some personal outdoor decor

    Personalise your modern garden by incorporating decorative elements that reflect your style. Choose modern outdoor rugs, stylish furniture, or contemporary art pieces that resonate with your personal aesthetic. Why: These elements not only add comfort but also express your unique taste, making the space truly feel like an extension of your home.

  • Be creative with lighting

    Install creative lighting solutions to highlight garden features and enhance the ambience at night. Use spotlights to accentuate plants or architectural elements, and consider LED strip lighting along pathways or seating areas for both function and flair.

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  • Skill Level


  • Plants

    x 27

  • Season

    All Year Round

  • Colours

    Modern tones

  • Safe

    Whole Family

  • Guarantee

    5 Years

  • Value

    Worth £688*

  • Finest plants

    4.8 ★★★★★
  • ✔️ Gives all-year-round interest

    I've chosen plants in your design that bloom at different times of the year, including plants that bloom in autumn and winter. 

  • ✔️ Sleek, modern design

    I've chosen plants and a colour palette that achieves your sleek, modern and usable garden you can be proud of.

  • ✔️ Made for family and pets

    Firstly, every plant I’ve chosen are non-toxic to dogs. Also, I’ve used strategic plant placement to make delicate plants less accessible to your dog, away from the front of your flower bed.

  • ✔️ Plants chosen to thrive

    My favourite part of your bespoke design is making sure every plant is perfect for your garden, suited to your north-facing garden and that part-sun, right hand side.

  • ✔️ Plant-by-numbers in an afternoon

    My eco-friendly roll-out planting guide shows exactly where to plant, making planting a breeze.

  • ✔️ Easy to look after

    I've chosen hardy, easy care plants to make the upkeep of your garden easy.

Now Unlock Your Dream Garden

Jacquie, effortlessly bring your Garden Blueprint to life. Choose from three personalised ways to transform your garden:

  • 7 x

    Showstopper back-row plants

  • 5 x

    Colourful foliage plants

  • 5 x

    Bright evergreen grasses

  • 6 x


  • 4 x

    Colour-contrasting perennials

  • 1 x

    Biodegradable Plant-by-Numbers

  • 1 x

    Simple Planting Guide

  • Included

    Easy Plant Care & Advice

  • 1 x bag

    Organic Fertiliser

  • ...

    and some surprises!

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