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Alice, here's my garden assessment

Expert Review

North West-facing garden

Typically don't receive as much sunlight as they tend to be in the shade as the house is usually blocking the sun. However, over the summer (May to October) you will get a good amount of afternoon and evening sun.

Your garden orientation

May mean that the right hand side may struggle with the shade, making grass harder to grow and making this area prone to getting waterlogged.

Your garden is a good size

Without being too hard to manage. An ideal canvas for a low maintenance garden that adds visual interest.

Optimising plant choices

Your garden benefits from lime-rich, loamy soil that is freely draining, offering a good foundation for many plants. However, its lower fertility and well-draining nature require careful plant selection to ensure optimal growth and resilience. We'll choose plants that thrive in these specific conditions, such as hardy perennials and evergreens that are well-suited to lime-rich soil. This approach will help maintain a vibrant, healthy garden year-round, turning your space into a lush and thriving haven that aligns perfectly with your traditional garden vision.

  • Creating cohesion and year-round interest

    Your garden currently lacks cohesion and interest, especially in the winter when everything disappears. To address this, we'll introduce a selection of evergreen and perennial plants that provide structure and color throughout the year. By carefully selecting plants that thrive in your lime-rich, freely draining loamy soil, we can ensure your garden remains vibrant and visually appealing in every season. This approach will transform your space into a cohesive, beautiful garden that reflects your style.

  • Enhancing privacy and functionality

    You mentioned wanting to make your seating area more private from your neighbors. We'll incorporate taller plants and strategic planting along the right border to create natural screens, enhancing privacy while maintaining the garden’s open and inviting feel. This will create a cozy, secluded spot where you can relax and unwind, shielded from prying eyes, and allowing you to fully enjoy your garden sanctuary.

  • Designing a multi-use, family-friendly space

    Your vision of a traditional, neat, and ordered garden that serves multiple purposes is essential for creating a space where children, pets, and wildlife can thrive. We'll design distinct zones within your medium-sized, square garden to cater to different activities – from a play area for children to a serene spot for relaxation and wildlife-friendly sections. This thoughtful design will ensure your garden is not only beautiful but also functional, making it a perfect extension of your home for the entire family.

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Tips and design principles

How to create your traditional garden

Transform your medium-sized, square garden by blending classic design with functional use of space. Introduce graceful borders to segment the area into cosy zones optimised for relaxation and family activities, perfect for creating a structured yet inviting environment.

Take advantage of the north-west facing orientation to make the most of the afternoon and evening sunlight, enhancing the beauty and ambience of each section. By incorporating taller plants and natural screens, you can create privacy for your seating area while maintaining an open, welcoming feel.

This design ensures every part of your garden is welcoming and well-utilised, turning your outdoor area into a charming, practical extension of your home. Let’s make every corner of your garden a delightful retreat where children, pets, and wildlife can thrive.

Alice, I recommend:

Maximising layout and space:

Diagonal Paths: Enhance the feel of your garden by adding diagonal pathways. This clever design trick not only makes your garden look bigger but also adds a dynamic element, guiding the eye across the space and introducing a delightful element of surprise.

Zoning: Organise your garden into distinct functional areas—think a cozy seating nook, a playful area for kids, or vibrant planting beds. This strategic division breaks up the straight lines of a square garden and tailors the space to your lifestyle needs.

Alice, I recommend:

Creating visual depth

Layered Planting: Arrange plants strategically with taller trees or shrubs at the edges to soften the garden’s edges, and shorter, fuller plants towards the centre to keep the view open and inviting. This approach not only adds to the garden’s charm but also enhances its overall appeal.

Defined Borders: Establish clear borders using hedges, low fences, or perennial beds. This not only adds structure to your garden but also makes maintenance easier, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space.

Alice, I recommend:

Enhancing aesthetics with curves and colours:

Incorporate Curves: Soften the angular nature of your square garden by introducing curved planting beds or a rounded patio. This not only breaks up the monotony of straight lines but also adds a natural, flowing element to your garden.

Colour and Texture: Use a mix of colours and textures to create a garden that’s a feast for the eyes. Bright flowers can attract attention and enliven the space, while varied textures make a stroll through your garden a tactile and visual pleasure. Place lighter colours at the edge to visually expand the space, and darker tones near the front to create depth and focus.

  • Try adding functional and decorative elements:

    Tip: Enhance your traditional style garden with functional decor such as rustic benches, antique-looking plant stands, or Victorian-style trellises. Why: These pieces provide utility while beautifying the space, marrying practicality with the old-world charm characteristic of traditional gardens, and reflecting your unique aesthetic preferences.

  • You can use lighting creatively:

    Tip: Enhance the ambience of your garden at night with tasteful lighting solutions. Install lantern-style lights to illuminate pathways or use soft spotlights to highlight traditional sculptures and planting features. Why: Proper lighting not only accentuates the beauty of traditional designs but adds functionality and a warm glow to evening gatherings.

  • Add wildlife-friendly features:

    Tip: Consider adding features that attract wildlife, such as bird baths, insect hotels, and classic bird feeders. Choose designs that complement the traditional style of your garden. Why: Encouraging wildlife not only enhances the garden's natural appeal but also helps in creating a lively and vibrant outdoor space.

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Get started with a evergreen feature at the rear of your garden

Or you can get started with a traditional border on the the right hand side

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